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Sell your Samsung Galaxy A!

Please select the gigabyte (GB) size of the device you want to sell or click 'Sell Now'.

SAMSUNG  A8 (2018)

SAMSUNG A8 (2018)

SAMSUNG  A8 (2016)

SAMSUNG A8 (2016)

SAMSUNG  A8 (2015)

SAMSUNG A8 (2015)

SAMSUNG  A7 (2017)

SAMSUNG A7 (2017)

SAMSUNG  A7 (2016)

SAMSUNG A7 (2016)

SAMSUNG  A5 (2017)

SAMSUNG A5 (2017)

SAMSUNG  A3 (2017)

SAMSUNG A3 (2017)

How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy A phone?

Sell your Samsung Galaxy A!

Sell your Samsung Galaxy A phone with musicMagpie!

musicMagpie is the fast, FREE and easy way to sell your Samsung Galaxy A series phone! Simply get an instant price (no auctions or sellers fees!), send your item for FREE and we’ll pay you the same day it arrives. Why wouldn’t you?

The Galaxy A series is Samsung’s line of mid-range smartphones. They look similar to the Galaxy S series but have slightly lower specs and less features, making them a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s flagship devices.

Samsung typically release four Galaxy A devices every year – the A3, the A5, the A7 and the A8 – although the 2018 range consists of just two devices, the A8 and the A8+.

If you’re planning to upgrade soon, or you just want to sell a device you have lying around, musicMagpie is the quickest and easiest way to sell Samsung Galaxy A series phones!

How to sell a Samsung Galaxy A series phone

Ever thought “I want to sell my Samsung Galaxy A5, but I don’t want the hassle?” You’re in luck! musicMagpie is easy to use and completely hassle free. To start, simply select the make, model and capacity of your device for a FREE instant price – no auctions or sellers fees to worry about!

Then, pop it into any box and send it to us for FREE. With our Fast Same Day Payments, you’ll get paid the same day your items arrive.

It really is the easiest way to sell a Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 or A8. Find out how much you could make today!

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise

With our Tech Price Promise, we guarantee to pay the first price we offer for your Samsung Galaxy A trade in. If your price is revised in any way, you can request your phone back for FREE – no questions asked!

Why wouldn't you?

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