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How do I sell my Smartwatch?

Sell Your Smartwatch

It's so easy to sell your Smartwatch with musicMagpie!

Smartwatches have existed in some form since the 1970s although the kind of device we think of, which is basically a smartphone on your wrist, first emerged in 2013.

Since then, pretty much every major smartphone manufacturer has developed their own smartwatch, including Apple, Samsung and Sony.

While there has definitely been some progress since 2013, with more powerful features and superb design, many of the initial complaints about the smartwatch remain: short battery life and a lack of any essential purpose.

If you don't use your smartwatch, or if you fancy an upgrade, we've got some good news: it's never been easier to sell a smartwatch than with musicMagpie!

You'll get an instant price when you recycle your smartwatch, pop it into a box along with anything else you’re planning to sell and send it using one of our FREE send services.

We’ll pay you on the same day we receive your item, and your cash will be ready to spend the next working day. You’re guaranteed to get the best price for your tech with our Price Promise too!

The musicMagpie Price Promise

We want to make sure you get the best possible price when you recycle your smartwatch, which is why we promise to pay the full amount we quote or send your back your items for FREE – no questions asked.

Price, Box, Send, Spend. Selling your Smartwatch with musicMagpie really is that easy.

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