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How do I sell my Nokia 3310?

Sell My Nokia 3310

It's so easy to sell your Nokia 3310 with musicMagpie!

The Nokia 3310 has taken on almost mythical status among people of a certain age, evoking memories of its nigh-on indestructible build, its endless battery life and endless hours spent playing Snake.

Nokia, keen to capitalise on this nostalgia, launched a brand new version of the 3310, the...erm, Nokia 3310.

The new Nokia 3310 offers the full early 00s mobile phone experience, with an old school keypad, an updated version of the 3310’s original software and ridiculously long battery life all present. Of course, that means it doesn’t have Wi-Fi or 3G either...

The new Nokia 3310 looks very much like its ancestor too, barring a few tweaks like replacing the up and down keys with a full D-Pad. Nokia have also added a microUSB port and a suitably archaic 2 megapixel camera.

But that’s not what you want to know really, is it? You want to know whether it has Snake. The good news is yes, it does... although it’s a slightly different version with an actual snake that can move in all directions.

Priced at a reasonable £42, the new Nokia 3310 could be a surprise hit. If you’re planning to ditch your smartphone and take a trip down memory lane (or you just want to see what all the fuss is about), sell your mobile phone with musicMagpie now and lock in the best possible price!

It’s easy: just get an instant price for your phone, send it to us for FREE and we’ll pay you the same day it arrives.

And if the new 3310 doesn’t live up to your expectations and you find yourself longing for the futuristic joys of a smartphone, you’ll also be able to sell the new Nokia 3310 with us too!

Price. Box. Send. Done. Selling your Nokia 3310 with musicMagpie really is that easy.

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