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Sell Blackberry Phones!

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How do I sell my BlackBerry?

Sell your BlackBerry with musicMagpie!

Wondering how much is a Blackberry Curve worth? Find out with musicMagpie! We'll give you a great price for your BlackBerry mobile phones. It’s a simple and fuss-free way to sell BlackBerry handsets online – and not only that, but with musicMagpie you can sell the rest of your unwanted stuff along with your BlackBerry in one easy and free transaction. It's really simple, whether you want to sell a Blackberry Z10 or sell a Blackberry Q10!

BlackBerry may not be the company they once were but they remain one of the biggest names in the world of mobile phones. They were the first company to properly introduce the smartphone and revolutionised the way we interacted via email. Thanks to their unique keypad, they were able to set themselves apart from the competition, and in the process, become incredibly successful.

With Samsung and Apple iPhones conquering, BlackBerry have fallen behind a bit in recent years, although they still remain popular, particularly with business users and the younger generation thanks to BlackBerry Messenger or BBM to those in the know!

If, however, you want to sell your mobile phone for an upgrade, then musicMagpie can help by giving you cash for your unwanted handset to put towards a new one.

Selling your BlackBerry to musicMagpie couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is get an instant price, pop your BlackBerry in any box with your other unwanted clutter and then send it for FREE.

You'll then get paid on the same day your items arrive by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Why wouldn't you?

musicMagpie - We'll sort out your clutter and pay YOU for it.

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